* Absolutely thrilled to say that my next novel, Only Monsters Remain, will see the light of day in June 2023, courtesy of the good folks at JournalStone. It’s my favorite novel to date.

* My story “Black-Metal Baker” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming Heavy Metal Nightmares anthology from Phobica Books. It’s about a Philly-area baker with a side hustle — a guitarist in a black-metal band — and a dark past.

* Many thanks to Candace Nola of Uncomfortably Dark for the lovely review of my novel, Crawl on Your Belly All the Days of Your Life. Excerpt: “it’s gorgeous in its repulsiveness.”

* I’m thrilled with the “Horror of My Life” feature recently run by the excellent horror blog Ginger Nuts of Horror. Much obliged, JM!

* Thanks to Just Reviews for the detailed review of my novel, Crawl on Your Belly All the Days of Your Life. A favorite excerpt: “a story that is compelling, heartbreaking, heartwarming and terrifying, and inspirational to a point.”

* Honored. That’s how it felt when I was asked to write the foreword to Lady in White, a new “Utter Speculation” collection about a horror-y myth that always freaked me out. Check out the collection here.

* Many thanks to Gary from Everything Imaginable for the recent interview. We covered a lot of territory: Danzig’s “Elvis” album, the afterlife, hallucinogenics, and everyone’s favorite subject: GWAR! Have a listen here.

* Lovely review of Burn, Beautiful Soul in Exclusive Magazine. It’s always nice to wake up to a review whose first three words are “Wow! Simply wow!” I’ll take it.

* Pleased and humbled to learn that Burn, Beautiful Soul won the horror category in the 12th annual International Book Awards.

* Many thanks to Kendall Reviews for the fun interview. We covered a lot of territory, ranging from favorite horror films and books to the best piece of writing-related advice I’ve ever received.

* Lovely interview with the good folks at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

* I was thrilled to be on Midnight FM’s Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg recently. We talked about the demon responsible for introducing errors into writers’ work, the nature of evil, and the mythic Aleister Crowley, among other topics. Check it out here.

* The very cool “Paranormal Podcast Guy” Jim Harold recently had me on his show, Ghost Insight with @THEJimHarold, to talk about the existence of demons and my new novel. Have a listen here.

* JV Johnson, host of Beyond Reality Radio, had me on his show to talk about demons, my new novel, and urban legends, among other topics. Listen here.

* My story “The Things Joseph Pickett Left Behind” was published in the Fall/Winter 2020 edition of Neshaminy, a semiannual literary and historical journal about the remarkable people and places of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Click here to order.

* My story “Demons of Chicago” was featured in an anthology called Shocking Verbs, Lawless Nouns, published in January 2021. Click here to order.

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